Criminal / Medical Inadmissibility

What is Criminal / Medical Inadmissibility?

Immigration & Refugee Protection Act (IRPA 33)

defines inadmissibility as “the facts that constitute inadmissibility under sections 34 to 37 include facts arising from omissions and, unless otherwise provided, include facts for which there are reasonable grounds to believe that they have occurred, are occurring or may occur. Inadmissibility means the foreign national won’t be allowed to enter / reside in Canada.


“[IRPA 36 (2) ] defines that A foreign national is inadmissible on grounds ofcriminality for(a) having been convicted in Canada of an offence underan Act of Parliament punishable by way of indictment,or of two offences under any Act of Parliamentnot arising outof a single occurrence;(b) having been convicted outside Canada of an offencethat, if committed in Canada, would constituteanindictable offence under an Act of Parliament, or oftwo offences not arising out of a single occurrencethat, if committed in Canada,would constitute offencesunder an Act of Parliament;(c) committing an act outside Canada that is an offencein the place where it was committed and that, ifcommitted in Canada, would constitute an indictableoffence under an Act of Parliament; or(d)committing, on entering Canada, an offence underan Act of Parliament prescribed by regulations”


“[IRPA 38 (1) ] defines that A foreign national is inadmissible on health grounds if their health condition (a) is likely to be a danger to public health; (b) is likely to be a danger to public safety; or (c) might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand on health or social services.

How to overcome Criminal & Medical Admissibility ?

There are different ways and procedures that need to be followed depending on the nature, place and time of the crime convicted or the crime committed. The Act provides following options to overcome the subject inadmissibilities

  • TRP – Temporary Resident Permit
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pardon – Record Suspension for In-Canada Offences

How Whitefield Immigration Consultancy Inc can help the clients overcome Inadmissibility?

As a regulated Canadian immigration consultant, we are authorized to represent our clients and guide them overcome the Criminal & Medical inadmissibility

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